Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Does Rudolph and The Planet Mars Have In Common?

Photo courtesy of abc news.
They both were shining their brightest this year on Christmas Eve.

Mars is 55 million miles away, which makes it brighter than all the other stars right now.

The planet Mars was positioned in direct opposition to the sun on Christmas Eve.
It was as close and as bright to Earth as it will ever get.
And it was accompied by a spectacular full moon, they tracked across the sky together all night of the 24th...Christmas Eve.

The two celestial bodies were very high in the sky at midnight.....I stood outside wrapped in a down comforter and watched the two bodies for as long as my endurance would allow.
This awesome site will not appear again until 2016, so I'm trusting you were intrigued with the happening as much as I.
It's the season for very special events.
Happy Birthday to the creator of all this divine splendor.
Bea Kunz


Anonymous said...


It was extremely windy here on Christmas Eve, so I was a little worried whether Santa could make the trip OK. But by all accounts, he did, perhaps thanks mainly to Mars and Rudolph.

Happy New Year,

BeaK. said...

Hi Jeanie,

Thanks for visiting.

Talk about things being in alignment.

I'm delighted Santa made it to your house.

Happy New Year to you my friend.

Bea Kunz